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Formula E Test days
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Pre season testing at Donnington park.

I hope to go, not sure about when yet.

Anybody else planning on going?

tickets are free, but you must pre register


I hope they are testing with the new front wing design.

Also hopefully the Jaguar car will be there.
I'm in Wales, so will miss it for the first time. A shame as it is usually a great chance to see what's what and who's who.
The Jaguar team is particularly exciting in my opinion and I expect great things from them.
And of course, there's the new front wing design that will help differentiate the cars from other open wheel racers.
You can probably tell, I'm a little gutted not to be going!
I'll send you some snaps on whatsApp
From yesterday's results Buemi in eDams is at the top - no surprise there, followed by Heidfeld in Mahindra which is a bit of different from last year, and Di Grassi in ABT in the third which is expected.

In fairness, Jaguar isn't doing too bad for the first official test - Lynn in 6th place and Carroll in 9th. Quite promising for a new team, at least cars seams to be running well, hopefully drivers will get used to the cars by the time when races start.

More about the first testing day here:

I'm going today to Donington Park so will try to take in the overall mood of the coming season Smile
I spoke with (interviewed) Craig Wilson at Williams Advanced Engineering and he said he was very happy with how Jaguar performed. He mentioned that despite having made the battery for the last three years, they as a new team have no experience in the controllers or other setups, whereas most teams now have two years experience getting the most they can from the battery. With this in mind, WAE/Jaguar has a lot to catch up on and learn before the first race in HK.
Three more test days this week at Donington Park and then teams should be sending off their cars to HK.
I got lucky to be in Donington on Monday (today) to see more testing.
Thanks for the update Laila, was there much improvement over the public test days, or was it all fairly routine to ensure reliability?
Lots of stopped sessions today, drivers/cars seem to have some trouble staying on the track and keeping cars moving..
Sounds like BTCC
Is it greasy up north? Hot weather followed by rain on the roads has seen a few RWD's fly into bushes around here!

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