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Tesla Model S test drive
Couple weeks ago me and RyanD decided to go for an innocent test drive. Angel We booked it accidentally when a Model S was parked in our local town centre to get the attention from the tired Saturday shoppers. 
Our local Tesla garage is turned out to be in a big shopping centre. Excited and keen we went to the agreed place at the agreed time on a sunny and warm Saturday morning. To park our 17 years old Volvo, we drove past two Teslas parked in their special place at the car park entrance. We didn't really think much of them then. 

Not long after and both of us with the sales guy were in one of the parked up Teslas, ready to be wowed. We wanted to test drive P60D (as that's the only model we thought we could afford!  Blush ), but as it only had been delivered that morning, we got given P90D (or 90D) with de-rated performance. The sales guy drove first, dropping the names of all of the features and extras, and telling us how good the car is. Not much conversation was happening then, as the sales guy was having all the driving fun. 

Couple minutes later we stopped at a petrol station to swap the drivers (and look down at the miserable bunch that were filling their tanks with fuel) and I had the first go. 
Well, from there on everything changed! I personally came to life - started asking questions, talk to the car, comment my findings and feelings while driving the car which was my first ever drive of Model S. The car felt amazing! The regenerative braking was set up to the highest so I didn't need any mechanical braking (which I'm kind of used to as we're trying hard to keep our mpg high in our own car). I was surprised how much smaller the car felt when driving it, compared to how big it looks from the outside. Also, accelerating to up to speed was no problem, truly effortless. I had a go at the local town roads. My time at the wheel went way too fast! I left the driver's seat with a happy looking face.
Then it was RyanD's turn. He had to drive to the motorway near by. There the sales guy wanted him to experience the AutoPilot for lane change, acceleration and braking. Letting go of the steering wheel didn't seem to be an issue for RyanD for some reason.  Wink After we left the motorway, we went to a car park by a park where the sales guy took the driver's seat to demonstrate the self parking feature. If honestly, it looked fun, but I prefer parking myself and sustain this skill that is so hard to find in women drivers.  Big Grin 

Just before the sales guy drove us back to the shopping centre, he decided to show off the Insane Mode. We confirmed that we both were strapped in and ready. But obviously, we weren't that ready because as soon as the foot was down, both of us hit our heads on the unexpectedly hard headrests. Having a sore head was definitely interfering with the enjoyment of acceleration. But overall - yes, I was impressed. The sales guy drove us back, parked up, but didn't plug the car to charge (cocky!). 

So after this outing, we were taken to the Design Room. Sounded more impressive than it was, really. It was a small white room with one computer on a small table, with 3 comfy chairs around it, and some sketches on the walls. Then came the hard maths work of trying to get the finances together in our heads, because, obviously, now we were mad to buy a Model S. I can't imagine any other outcome after Tesla test drive. The final decision was that we'll get back to them (if we scrape our finances together).. 

We did get back to them, turning the offer down, for now. However, after the test drive, returning to our 17 years old Volvo seemed like degradation. How are we happy to drive something so loud and smelly, and dirty (ok, Volvo is not that bad, I do like it!) when the future is now and it's silent, clean and fast? Since then Tesla is a regular visitor in my thoughts, and it's even more often in RyanD's head. Don't know how to get rid of it, or if we should get rid of it at all.

But meanwhile we are re-lowering our standards and are devoting our time and money to the practical and reliable Volvo, hoping the Tesla-dream will come true one day... which could be the result of concussion, actually. 

Has anyone else got hooked on an EV that supposed to be an innocent test drive? 

P.S. I was hoping this thread will be like a therapy to me, RyanD and the rest of us.  Shy
True and accurate.

Why put up with a 24kWh leaf, and have a second car for a longer journey
When it can all be answered with one vehicle.

Just can't get rid of the thoughts!
Fantastic account, thank you for sharing!
I think your entire experience is made all the more significant by the fact that neither of you are unfamiliar with EVs. You both know about them and have been in (at least) some. I'm not surprised by the lasting impression, as the Tesla still gets me everytime I drive one too.

Model 3 might be the answer for you…
free super charging on the model s , seals the deal
I suspect (but do not know for certain) that Supercharging for the Model 3 will be charged at close to the £2,500 premium that was originally asked of base Model S owners, when it first came to market. With updates and model lineup changes, all Model S now include Supercharging, but the base model is also more expensive than older variants - by more than £2,500.
That is interesting.
How much range would I get for £2,500, by my calcs at 6.3p/kWh and 300 wh/mile, Over 132,000 miles worth of driving.


But given that the market is going to change so much in 5 years, will it all be irrelevant?
6.3p/kWh sounds cheap, unless you're on an Economy 7 tariff? I think UK average kWh/unit is around 13p. And let's be honest, you'll more likely be getting 250Wh/mile in your Tesla too  Tongue That right pedal is addictive, especially when charging is included!
yes, economy 7 tariff used.
Well if you use the pedal on the right more, you use more energy per mile, so maybe 350 wh per mile.

on the test drive, the dash display was 300+ wh/mile, so i used that as a guide.
Haha, whoops, that was a typo - I meant 350 Wh/mile Smile
I seem to remember if you're driving a lot of motorway miles the figure will be around that, but if more local (and in traffic) it's a lot less. For an EV, it's not particularly efficient compared to others, but it compensates for this with its enormous battery pack.
I knew what you were trying to say.

So the real alternative, which isn't in production yet, would be an estate with 4wd, 200-250kw and 60kWh battery.
That would be my dream Ev.
Volvo v50 conversion perhaps.

The Tesla is just years ahead of the competition..

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