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BMW Rumourmill in full swing
So, the BMW i8 is apparently going to get a facelift next year as well as recieve a power increase AND, more intriguing, a battery electric version that might be made for Formula E purposes only… rumour has it.

Further rumours are that BMW will use the electric motors they developed for use in their hydrogen powered i8-like test mule and those are nearly 250bhp each. Perhaps one of these might make its way into the i3 too, which could also receive a facelift next year.

Nothing confirmed, obviously, but all exciting stuff if even half true!
That sounds awesome
Makes sense that Formula E safety car is full EV
Furthermore, the facelift i8 is apparently going to receive a larger battery pack, in much the same way as the i3 94Ah has done - by using the same physical battery dimensions, but with more energy dense cells.
That's cool dear. Do you have some proof like images.
Not yet, no but BMW are likely to display something at a future motor show.

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