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IMechE Formula Student
Hi all,

Not to forget that Formula Student is a big competition for EV racing.
IIRC it was the first competion where an EV beat an ICE outright/overall to win the competition.

This year's UK event will be held at Silverstone circuit July 14th to 17th.

Do you know of a team entering an EV?

Are you lucky enough to be attending?

Not going myself due to the new magazine coming out around that time. However, I've had the pleasure of meeting with a few past competitors and it is a fantastic proving ground whereby the future mechanics and engineers of various Formula racing can be found.
Perhaps there'll be scouts on the lookout for future engineering talent on behalf of major racing teams? I'd like to think so - like those American scouts who attend highschool "football" games looking for the next big player :-)
I do think that ou are correct about the 'scouts' attending.
JLR have presence there as a sponsor, so I imagine it is a recruitment drive from them and similar from other high profile Automotive companies, Mercedes for example.

I have never been , but I think if I can go at some time in the future then I will

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