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Recalibrating LEAF range calculations.
It seems from reading LEAF owner reports that

If you run your LEAF completely out of charge, on the next charge up it will recalibrate the range and can increase it!

Believed that the algorithm  then knows where empty is and can do its calculation better.

Any leaf owners able to verify this?
Sounds like a risky strategy..
Well, you run it out where you can charge it.
Drive in circles around the house or motorway services?
Yeah I'm with Laila on this one… that sounds more tricky to do than it sounds and is it true? I will have a Leaf for a 3-month loan soon so perhaps I will try it on a "rainy" day (though preferably not rainy)!
Sounds good to me Jon, I expect it make an interesting read.
Well Ryan, you can come along for the ride as technician :-)
Great, We can have the volvo to tow us back to base!
Actually, more adventurous would be having no support as such and seeing how the RAC/AA/other breakdown recovery deals with an EV. Would they automatically bring along a low-loader? Would they tow? Would they be familiar with putting an EV in neutral for towing? Would they follow the instructions listed in the manual for towing the EV, so as not to damage the motor? Would they bring along a portable charger (I know that RAC and AA have at least a couple of these portable generators)? I think these are important and interesting questions to answer… much as I'd love a ride in your Volvo haha :-)
Sounds like you have a secret shopper consumer challenge in the making!

They are good points, and the solution probably depends on the Location.
Distance from a charger etc.

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