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When a plug doesn't makes sense…
In a plugged in world, it can be easy to dismiss the merits of an ordinary old hybrid without a plug. But, does plugging in always make a better hybrid?

In my experience, mild hybrids are excellent motorway machines. They're often sold on their town driving credentials, but I've often found them to return better economy on a long run. This has been true for every Toyota & Lexus I've ever tested. A plug-in hybrid, on the other hand, seems to have a bit of hassle with long journeys because once its batteries are depleted there's a lot of added weight to carry about.

Therefore, isn't it the case that if you're doing lots of long journeys, a non plug-in hybrid will always be better?

If you own a plug-in hybrid or a non-plug-in hybrid, what is your average fuel economy and in what situation do you find your car is best suited?

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