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When will used Nissan LEAF reach sub £5k?
When do you think we'll see a Nissan LEAF (inc battery) at sub £5,000 - that needs no work? Getting closer seemingly on a daily basis! The one linked below seems to be a bit of a bargain…


PS. Cat C/D cars and damage/salavage don't count!
They already have! £4k

Good find Ryan, that is absurdly cheap and although it doesn't say it outright, the ad implies battery is included. I am genuinely shocked by that - are you going to go for it?!
Realistically No. But it is so cheap.

Might be worth a phone call...
I wonder why it is so cheap. As you say, might have to give them a call…
there are a few leafs popping up on ebay that are getting to the 5k region, some auctions stand at 3k
That's stunning good value! Very tempting and would pay for itself in a matter of a couple of years in fuel savings alone, let alone tax too. Also, presumably, they're the "old" models - but even they can only be five years old.
yes, some 2011 cars there.

Payback on fuel savings can happen much faster than 3 years given the correct circumstances, but 3 years would see me with a free leaf.
Do you have any links you can share? Really interested to see and I promise I won't become a competing bidder!
the cheapest ended over the weekend.

The current lowest is £5800
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-Nissan-Le...Sww9VXgO0W *

* not my car, not connected to the car

I will be keeping my eye on them as the prices can fluctuate week to week.

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