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Solar Impulse
It looks like Solar impulse will be back in the air.


I really want this to happen and show how with the right Solar tech, we can generate power, infinite renewable power.
It was such a shame the plane was damaged and had to undergo repairs, which has put nearly a year's gap in their record challenge. But what a machine! There's something very elegant about being powered purely by the sun and being able to fly around the world, albeit not very fast - kinda adds to the beauty of it all.
The Plane is back in the air, with the repairs now completed.

Off it goes again Smile

And it made it to California

Great to see it's doing well. The photos that have been taken of its journey are absolutely stunning!
solar impulse has landed in Arizona!
A short ish leg of the trip, but so much demonstarted

Solar impulse, crosses america to new york
Their journey must be close to an end now? I think they've done a great job - just such a shame it was marred with bad weather as it feels less like a "go for it in one go" challenge and more like a sporadic flight here and there, culminating in a total of "around the world". Still, what an achievement!
Yes, I see your point, but from what I have read the plane is very sensitive to weather.

The next is a single trip across the Atlantic Ocean, possibly the hardest leg yet.

It is an amazing achievement, something which is a kin to the wright brother and will go down in aviation history as the 'beginning' of the next age of flight.
Possibly, but there's a problem with solar planes and that is quite simply that solar panels of today are just not efficient enough. Even in a lab, they're only about 30% efficient at best and in practice those on the market achieve around 20% in ideal conditions and less when coated in dust or cloud cover arrives.
However, even if they were 100% efficient, the sun emits roughly 1.5kW per square metre - so you'd always need a large wingspan in order to obtain enough energy. Unfortunately, I think solar planes aren't as viable as battery powered planes.
But you're absolutely right that Solar Impulse will rightly go down in history as a pioneer of electric flight and it is a fantastic achievement.

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