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Formula E

Hello EV fans!

Who's into Formula E? 

I enjoy the watching the races and glad to see the hype around them increasing. 
Couple months and the finale will be in London. Who's going?
I'm keen on FE, and try to watch every race. I've been following it since drayson announced it 2012/2013

This season is good, but the fact that e.Dams have got the best package really shows, Only ABT are challenging them.

I'll be at the London ePrix hopefully.
We hope to be at the London ePrix too, so will see you there!

FE has been a great way to raise awareness of electric cars and has helped make the average Joe or Jane aware that electric cars are a new phenomenon and alternative to petrol and diesel.

There's other great racing series too, like MotoE for electric motorbikes and of course the Isle of Man TT race, which has consistently raised the bar for performance electric bikes year on year too.

Exciting times ahead!
Paris ePrix this weekend!!! First time in Paris, I imagine it will be big.

Winners: e.dams or ABT?
I think Renault-e.dams at Paris ePrix - the track looks great, I usually park in the underground parking just in front of Place des Invalides and have had meetings in the building in the past! Sad that I'm not going :-(
Tickets have now sold out - I think my Paris based uncle missed out :-(
All tickets gone? I wan't expecting that, that's good for Formula E especially hosting the race for the first time there.
I guess e.dams going to have a lot of fan support as a French team.
There's a fair few French drivers in Formula E so I imagine quite a few will be wanting the win there. It's a prestigious city and first time circuit, a little bit of history and an awesome opportunity so I imagine every driver will want a slice of that. Hopefully it'll make the race really interesting with everyone giving it their all!
Yes, hopefully everyone will "go for it".
Like last year in London - the last two races were the most dramatic and intense as all the drivers just gave all they had! Though I don't think I'll ever forget the first ever race in Beijing and the crash before the finish..
Will hopefully see this rolling around in London if everything goes by plan Wink

I must say, I'm a fan of the livery and thankful they've not gone down the old F1 Jaguar team of yesteryear with the "British Racing Green" colour scheme.

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