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Renault Zoe: Battery charge impossible
Yesterday evening, I went to charge for an hour and do some shopping at ASDA.
I found the Polar charge point in the underground car park and parked up to charge.
The car did its checks for quite a while and then up on the dash came the message, check charge post followed by Battery Charge Impossible.

So I unplugged everything. turned the car off and on again.
Plugged into the other charge port and tried again.
Battery charge impossible still displayed on the dash.
I didnt have time for more faffing so left the car plugged in, and went into the shop.

When I came back out the error had gone and the car was charging.

When I got home, it charged fine off the 3 pin 10A EVSE, and all is well today.

What caused the inital error? Does anybody have any experience with this?

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