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Our new Zoe Dynamique Nav Z.E. 40 Q90
Picking it up on Friday 14th.

More to come..
Awesome! What model did you go for? Z.E.40?
Yes Dynamique Nav Z.E. 40 Q90
That'd be my pick too - best compromise between range and recharging speed, in my opinion. Thumbs up from me :-)
Here's our new ride  Cool

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1 week in, averaging 100 miles a day.
Nearly faultless.

I find the pedals awkward.
The seating is quite high in the car, so the position is closer to a van. with my legs bent closer to 90 degrees than45 degrees in a car.

the pedal pivots towards the bulk head, which is fine in a low seating position, but in the high position the pedal should be pivoting towards the floor for comfort of ankles ergonomics.
Car looks great! I bet you'll be very happy with it once you're used to it.

Funny you mention about the seating position, I don't honestly remember it being a problem, as it's much the same as a Clio. I'll have to get myself into another Zoe and see how I get on with it.

What kind of range are you getting? Have you found you need to charge more or less frequently than expected?
Well, i'll give the seatng another go.

We are 3.8-4.1 m/kwh

Can't give a good indication of full range as we havent had a full battery yet. We only have the 10A 3 pin plug so it's a 30hour charge. Waiting for the homepoint install.

Charging everyday overnight and stops on long trips. Pretty much charging as expected, ie more than we'd like to.
Finally charged the car to 100%, though we kind of cheated. Zoe got down to 12% battery and we would never get it up to decent range if charged overnight on 3 pin plug. Therefore we went to Polar Rapid charger and in 1h 22min got to 95%. Then drove home and connected the car to 3 pin charge in the evening. No wonder in the morning it was full (finally!) and the range as far as I remember was around 160 miles.

So we drove to the edge of Wales, went for a walk and drove back, during the drive range crept up to around 175 miles (adding the range left and trip mileage together).

It's fairly faultless apart from this one incident that Ryan had, which resolved itself somehow.  

I'm quite happy with the car, looking forward getting the wallbox charger so the car is full every morning.
We're quite fortunate that there's rapid charger in our town so if we feel 12-14h overnight charging won't do, we can always do an hour of rapid charging.
We've kept up average of 100 miles/day and yesterday reaching the 10 day mark from getting the car, we clocked the first 1000 electric miles of the Zoe.  Big Grin

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