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Reanault Zoe long distance record

The RZOC memebrs drove from the Uk to Austria, in 32 hours.
The 22kw Zoe had 19 charging stops!

this is a new record for distance is a Zoe.

I expect it wont be a patch on the mongol rally Leaf though!
Certainly no match in respect of distance at least, but will be interesting to see how quickly Plug in Adventures travels through Europe, where good infrastructure should aid them, although I don't think they're aiming for a record in speed terms.
New Zoe Z.E.40 would presumably require roughly half the number of stops of the 22kWh earlier cars? Ten stops to get to Austria isn't so bad in my opinion!
10 stops seems very reasonable to me.

would the overall time taken decrease though?
I guess it would, if charge time was twice as fast, which it sadly isn't for all Zoe Z.E.40 - as you know, there are two variants, Q90 and R90.
But, at each stop you are potentially putting in twice as much energy, so the twice as fast is cancelled out by twice as much. the only savings would be in the time spend faffing per charge, leaving route, finding charger, joining route.

Maybe there are a couple of hours to be saved.

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