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Typical EV service
Given that the powertrain is the big difference between EVs and ICE, how does this effect servicing?
What is really the difference between them both?

Whats the same?
Suspension - you can still expect to replace bushes, dampers and broken springs over the cars life time

Brakes- EVs use conventional brakes, the same as an ICE, so this will need servicing too. pads, discs, drums, shoes and fluid. An Ev will likely have longer between pad and disc changes due to regen, but the fluid will still need to be checked and changed every 2-3 years

Wheels and Tyres - Again EVs use traditional tyres and wheels. Tyres will need to be replaced just an an ICE car. Tracking and wheel alignment are even more important on an EV to keep the rolling resistance minimal. possible to have it checked twice a year. this will also save on tyre wear.

Lights and bulbs-  the same as an ICE, but with the advantage of being able to maximize efficiency using LED bulbs. Expect to check these before your MOT.

MOT- like all modern vehicles and MOT is due after 3 years and every year there after. Same process, without the emissions test.

Air conditioning- This will need to be maintained to keep you cool. Different types are becoming available on EVs, so get familiar with what yours needs in terms of refrigerant. There will still be a cabin filter to change every year or 2 to keep the airflow in the cabin pleasant.

Drive train - CV joints, drive shafts, wheel bearings are all parts which may need to be replaced due to a fault at some point.

12v battery-  the 12v battery condition can be checked to ensure it is fit for use.

What will you save on?

Clutch plates and fluids
Engine oil
Engine oil filter
Engine air filter
Exhausts and Emissions tests
gearbox oil changes

What will be Extra?

Battery condition checks- the garage wiill be able to check the battery condition for you and report on the state of health.

Charging system- this will be up for examination, but unlikely to need any servicing unless a fault is reported.

Motor and battery cooling systems- if these are fluid cooled then the fluid may need to be changed

HVIL loop- this is a safety line which will be checked to endure you dont have any failures on the way.

How have your experiences of EV servicing been? Is it easier than your old car?

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