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Dedicated Device for the car?
With alot of the world availble through an internet connected phone.
And Some charger networks reliant on an app for charging.

Do any of you folk have a dedicated in car device?
Something that covers your charging, parking, maps, music, traffic and more?

Is it easier to just use your everyday phone with the extras needed for EV life added to it?

I have a windows phone, so EH isnt supported or many other apps.
Whats the best route?
I would suggest a mid-range Android device like a Motorola G5 or similar. They don't break the bank and offer superb connectivity and speed of processing, so are no slouch either. I used to have a Windows Phone too and while it was great as a phone, it was severely let down by a lack of support and even apps being taken away or promises of fulfilment never happening. What's worse, MS aren't too bothered either and seem to have accepted that they've a dead duck on their hands. A great shame in my opinion, as a phone system it had huge potential. However, the reality is that Android although much more buggy, far less user friendly and generally slower to operate as it's full of background apps and bloatware is a good bet and will prove to be a good car companion.
Android do seem to be the most widely accepted, although oddly not all of them are equal, there are some which don't manage the Electric Highway app very well.

It could also be hooked up to the diagnostics, apps to tracks range and charge.
Amazon Prime day is upon us and there are some decent Android phones available there that have good EV app compatibility in my experience. Moto G5 that I mentioned is available for about £135, so VERY reasonable for a first class phone. Ecotricity app works fine on my G4 Plus. The good thing about Motorola phones is they run very close to stock Android, i.e. Moto hasn't mucked about with it or changed anything, unlike Samsung and others. The benefit (in theory at least) is updates are more frequent and Android runs 'as it was intended to'.

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