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Hobbies and EV
How does life with an EV effect your hobbies and how you participate ?

Anybody missed their white water rafting class because of a failed BMW i3 charge schedule?

What about people who have had a better experience with an EV, any safari photographers managed to get the perfect show thanks to the low noise EV?

I personal haven't yet managed to integrate night stage rally marshaling with an EV, but It looks sure to happen soon, thanks to range increases.

Open to the floor.
I was supposed to do a 'TG' style challenge, with an EV versus diesel 4x4 to see who could get the best bird photos while green laning. Took a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV off-road to test the water, but it failed miserably as soon as a local farmer threw a puddle in its path. To be fair, the tyres and relatively low-ground clearance were its weakest points.

Not exactly hobbyist, but it did highlight that green laning in anything electric is FAR superior. When we did have traction, it was much more controlled and because it was near silent (apart from a hum) wildlife was undisturbed by us and we saw a number of birds that might otherwise have been startled by the thunder crackle of a modded Land Rover off-roader.

Aside from that, I've personally found that electric cars themselves are the quintessential mega gadget and that has rekindled my love for all other types of gadget on the market. Today more so than ever before, there's a tonne of gear that complements the EV lifestyle and I'd class this as a personal hobby of mine. I'm talking about home automation systems, IFTTT (IF This Then That) usefulness and using a Raspberry Pi to do wonderous things. Each of these complements EVs nicely in my mind.

Night stage marshalling might be the greater challenge, but it does give rise to try out EV associated gadgets, e.g. drones with thermal imaging etc.
I'm always game for playing with more toys. Drones and Thermal imaging...

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