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Android Auto
Good news! Android Auto has been updated and now works independently of a connected vehicle, i.e. if you don't have a compatible screen in your car, you can simply use the phone's screen. The good thing is this means that it is finally possible to use full Android Auto functions in any car.

The new VW e-up! and smart fortwo/forfour each has an in-built car phone holder, which is a sign of the times and a big improvement over the previous idea of installing a dedicated screen into a vehicle that becomes outdated in an instant. Using a phone makes so much more sense in many ways, can be easily upgraded and generally operates very well indeed.

Does anyone else have any experience of it and what apps do you use?

I'm enjoying spotify, which integrates seemlessly into Android Auto and have enabled 'okay Google' to be available even if the screen locks. Additionally, you can set Android Auto to start automatically when the phone connects with a bluetooth device, e.g. your car. Handy!
sounds good.
Though while we cannot afford a car that's got basic infotainment connectivity built in, it doesn't mean much.. :/
That's the beauty of Android Auto, as now you don't need a car with lots of built in infotainment, as you can simply mount your phone on the dashboard and, 'hey presto', you've got it!
Personally, I think it's great. I currently have a VW e-up! loan car and it has a permanently fixed phone holder in the middle of the dashboard and when I turn on the car, my phone connects to the car via Bluetooth and this automatically opens Android Auto. You can also set the car's Bluetooth device to be a trusted device, temporarily disabling the phone's security unlock settings and you can set the screen not to turn off if plugged in (or any time), meaning your map is always clear. Effectively, with this setup you can get a fully 'integrated' modern infotainment system that is as close to built-in as you can get, without actually having anything built in. You don't need the Bluetooth connection either, but if you do it does work that little bit better.

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