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Rumours of Self driving car trial in London?
I've heard there might be some autonomous car trial in London in the near future?

Is there anything to back this up?

Is it tied to the Milton Keynes pods?
Unsure… today I experienced the first autonomous demonstration of the NAVYA ARMA at Heathrow., which is a level 4 autonomous vehicles (meaning it has to have a chaparone on-board for legal reasons and choosing the destination, but it is a capable level 5 vehicle. Heathrow airport are interested in possibly buying some for obvious reasons. Fingers crossed!

On the London autonomous testing front, I think this is likely if there are ministers who've looked at the monetary potential they are alleged to attract. Getting a step ahead as a nation would be beneficial.
Nissan are starting trialling in London I believe.
Some controversy surrounding the Nissan autonomous Leaf trials in London already.
It transpires that there was an alleged 'close pass' (near miss) between the car and a bicycle, filmed by a French Journalist who was sat in the passenger seat of the car. The car detected the cyclist but did not give any additional room when overtaking. The test driver sat idly too, and did not manually override the car to give room to the cyclist. The cycling community are saying that the car should have moved over into the next lane (it was along a dual carriageway). However, others note that the cyclist was in his own lane on the left, which isn't a dedicated cycle lane, but is wide and marked with a solid white line. The car stayed in its lane accordingly, and the distance between them would have been as much as another car passing.
Additionally, the autonomous vehicle had trouble spotting a slow moving road sweeper on a separate occasion.
All teething troubles, but each brings healthy debate!
well, that's why they are trials and production yet.
(10-03-2017, 12:05 PM)RyanD Wrote: well, that's why they are trials and production yet.

Yes, but it does bring into question whether they're ready for on-road trials. For example, giving space to a cyclist is law, not just a courtesy. Can't really have cars on the road that don't abide by the law - or can we?
How much money is available will answer that question.
Every decision maker has a price
One can live in hope - although I think it fair to say that it is only a matter of time before Renault, or another, makes good on their promise to bring Formula E to the road with an electric sports car. Trezor concept was a bit whacky to be produced, lovely as it is and this latest Zoe concept is likewise a touch over the top for real production potential - apart from the powertrain, maybe.

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