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Electric cars?
I live in the uk, where there is a lot of talk about introducing new electric cars in place of petrol/diesel fueled cars.

I recently read about an electric Range rover and was wondering, do these electric cars offer less performance than petrol/diesel models?
In most cases, the opposite is true, but it depends on what is of most interest to you.

Acceleration is more typically better in an electric car. A characteristic of electric motors is that they have high amounts of torque - the ability to turn the wheels - and they're very good at this. Additionally, they don't 'need' gears, as they're much more flexible than a petrol/diesel, which only offers its peak power between a certain rev range.

Top speed is largely academic and because electric cars don't need gears, they're generally not as capable of reaching as high top speeds. So, if cruising down the autobahn at 150mph is important to you, a petrol/diesel will likely be better. However, if you gave an electric motor adequate gears, it too could easily move a car along at these speeds, they just don't tend to be built like this because they don't need to be.

As for the electric Range Rover, it will likely be more capable off-road than a petrol/diesel, because an electric motor is better able to run at slower speeds and provides full torque at any speed too. It can also react quicker, all of which makes it better off-road.

Of course, the big stopping point for EVs is the battery. This is large, heavy and is the general reason why EVs are heavier than their petrol/diesel counterparts. With increased weight comes reduced performance. However, the electric motor itself is much lighter and far less complex than a petrol/diesel so this can compensate for the added battery weight.

One other slightly sinical reason why some EVs are not as powerful as - perhaps - they should be, e.g. Nissan LEAF and VW e-Golf, is that their manufacturers didn't want to stick an amazing electric motor in and give it loads of range with a massive battery, as this would undermine their petrol/diesel cars that they sell more of and have invested more in.

Not quite a Range Rover, but look up the Tesla Model X, which is an all-wheel drive EV capable of carrying seven in comfort and at insane acceleration speeds.

So, to summarise, EVs are gererally more powerful, but a lack of gears restricts top speed and batteries hold them back from having similar range to petrol/diesel.
Thank you for your reply. I am interested in new model car and reliable price car.

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