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Is ICEing less of an issue now that drivers are more aware?
Given the lack of posts in this section, is been ICE'D a thing of the past?

Is the growing awareness helping Ev drivers?

Perhaps the cost to charge is also freeing up more chargers?
Sadly it isn't a thing of the past, but I do think there is more general awareness of EVs now, so there might be fewer ICE incidents.
I was ICEd at a Nissan dealership the only last Saturday, but it was by one of their own cars, so a quick visit to reception and it was shifted. The Source East charge points near me in St Albans are often ICEd, as one in particular is extremely convenient for visiting the city centre. It also has a car club sign, not an EV parking only sign - the car club was defunct many moons ago, before the spaces were repurposed for EVs. But, because there's quite a few Source East points plus I don't really need to charge in St Albans means I rarely use them.
Waitrose at St Albans also gets ICEd frequently, I'm not too sure why though as the charge points are in a corner well away from the shop entrance. Generally though, there's at least one space (of four) available so again not usually an issue. Waitrose in Welwyn Garden City has employed some traffic cones at their charge points with an EV parking only notice, presumably after receiving complaints.
So, that's a small snapshot of my neck of the woods, but I think ICEing is less of a problem as you suggest.
With respect to paying for charging, I doubt this will affect ICEing, and instead just reduce the frequency of EVs at the charge points willing to make a complaint in the first place.
There certainly needs to be far better signage used across the board, half the problem is caused by people not realising what the white monolithic tower in front of them is and disregard it as anything to do with their parking space. I'd like to see far more liberal use of paint on floors and educated traffic wardens. In MK, for example, there are loads of charge points with zero marking, so they're frequently ICEd - out at least were the last time I visited. What's it like where you live/frequent?
I've not been ICEd yet but I have been Leafed..

Sunday night driving back from south of the country had to stop at M40 J10 services to get some charge. Previously looked on the Zap Map and it showed that there are 2 Ecotricity chargers available.

When I turned up, one of the chargers was occupied by a Nissan Leaf, so I went to park by the second one just to find out that that charger only had ChaDeMo and CCS connectors, whereas the one with Leaf had ChaDeMo and Type 2 which I needed.

So just had to wait for them to finish, luckily it was about 10-12 min left for them.

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