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Isle of Man TT Zero 2016
Yes, it's been a tragic event already, hopefully no more sad news from the TT.

Can't wait for the race tomorrow, I think I'll probably miss it as that's when I travel back from work :/
Update: TT Zero race now moved to 15:15 today.
Thanks, I'll be watching the live timings!
Race results per each transponder point. 

Couple bikes were suffering from the transponder malfunctioning, looks like that anyway. 

Happy about UoN for getting on the podium!!!

Also, this is the only class where the lap time is slower than the previous year. 
When Bruce Anstey finished in the 1st place, he said there was lots of battery left. Which is a bit of a shame.

8. Grandstand shows the finish positions.

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It was a disappointing race, when trying to follow it on live timings.

However. i am happy to see UoN on the Podium, well deserved.

Victory did very well, and Mugen had an off year, but still win.

Do you think lap times will plateau?
(09-06-2016, 07:41 AM)RyanD Wrote: Do you think lap times will plateau?

Link to PDF results: http://www.iomtt.com/~/media/Files/2016/...result.pdf

In short, I don't think they'll plateau - at least not just yet. Battery improvements will be the fundamental improvement to both reduce weight and offer more available power - for example to do more laps. The electric motors are sensationally good already though, so I wonder whether there's much that can be improved with respect to them.

Really great to see Victory only 3mph avg. less than the winners and that the winning Mugen was a new style of bike, albeit no faster than the outgoing model (money well spent?? Probably not!)

It'd be good to see the others get over the 100mph avg speed over a lap too - something that I'm sure will happen, only a matter of time.

I do wonder whether there should be separate divisions in electric racing, for example DC vs AC motors in a similar way as we differentiate between 1,000cc superbikes and 600cc.
I think Bruce won just because he had the best bike (by which I mean the company with the biggest budget and sources for development), but he wasn't really pushing for the win.
Whereas John pushes for win every year and if he hadn't had the issue, we might have seen faster lap time at the finish.

There will be faster lap times, I think, in the near future.
Yeah, Bruce didnt have a good year.

Well, we cans till hope for a lap at higher speeds, or possibly push for 2 laps, but maybe we need a bigger grid!
I think EVs have proved themselves already with respect to their pace. There's no question that electric power can equal seriously quick performance. Now I think range needs to be the concentration personally, as otherwise the petrol bikers will always see EVs as a fanciful and expensive alternative, not a "better" one.
(19-05-2016, 07:43 AM)LaiLa Wrote: Another last minute announcement (like last year) from Victory Motorcycles stating that they will return to TT Zero 2016 with one Victory RR with rider William Dunlop.


[Image: 573992e0abb6f.jpg]

Wow That really look like a dashing bike. I also like to ride bike. When i will get married. I will tell my husband to bought like this dashing bike. That's too cool dear.

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