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Poll: Should FIA Formula E #FanBoost be scrapped?
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2 66.67%
No, but changes should be made
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Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Should #FanBoost be scrapped?
Ever since the FIA Formula E championship began, #FanBoost has been a part of it, with the idea being fans can engage with the sport and give a boost to their favourite drivers. The cars then get a competitive advantage by having literal boost in the race that increases the horsepower for a short moment.

Now it seems some of the drivers are unhappy with the system as are some fans too.

Nick Heidfeld and Daniel Abt are two drivers who openly question the #FanBoost system and its influence on the sport and in the races.

What do you think, should FanBoost be scrapped or continue as is? - cast your vote in the poll.

From my point of view, it hasn't had a major impact on the sport. Drivers will always find something to complain about. Every system in racing will be exploited to its maximum

I have one seen 1 use of fanboost which had a major impact, and now I cant remember the race or the driver.

It doesn't bother me , I don't vote on it.
That's true, I don't really remember seeing any critical passes being made with FanBoost, more just people closing gaps up and being put in a position where they might be able to overtake more easily.

I think the problem some drivers have mentioned is that there appear to be some phantom fans, who don't actually exist and are giving certain drivers boosts artificially implying their popularity. I don't know if that's the case or not, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear that a teenage hacker has managed to create a robot (or bot if you prefer) to rack up the votes for their favourite racer!

Not too sure what could be done about that though. Is it right to be given a competitive edge just because you're popular? Without looking, I don't remember exactly how the BTCC touring car championship was conducted, but I seem to remember they had to carry a weight ballast if they were quickest to try to make the field more competitive. There's been all sorts of weird and wonderful ways in which championships have introduced weird and wacky ideas that affect "clean" competition.
I have voted couple times on Fan Boost using the Formula E app, but the drivers I've voted never seem to get the boost (maybe I give them bad luck Smile)

It also seems that in the second season Fan Boost usefulness has been cut down. When in the first season, driver could use Fan Boost once on both cars at pretty much any time, in the second season they can only use it once - in the second car and with SoC between 50-100%, which is a very narrow window. Often drivers don't use/forget about it (?), so is there any point of the awarded boost?
I think also the nature of the track design comes into play, all street circuits you can name and many you can't are restrictive for overtaking anyway, so although having a boost obviously will help, it doesn't mean you'll be able to get past.

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