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Tesla Model S test drive
Or perhaps forthcoming Volvo V40? It will be offered as a plug-in hybrid and quite possibly a battery electric car too.

In some ways Tesla is ahead like you say, in others the actual tech isn't that startling. They've just got an overall package that is certainly very appealing.

In many ways, it boils down to them offering a massive battery compared to others on the market. If the BMW i3 had a massive battery that offered 250-300 real world miles, I'd argue that it is the more cutting edge in respect of actual EV mechanics and construction. Less so in regard to Autopilot and the massive touchscreen, although don't forget the i3 has been developed with wireless charging (courtesy of Qualcomm Halo) and self-driving capability, for example to park itself… it's just BMW hasn't equipped cars out on the street with that stuff yet. If they did, they could have a decent rival for Tesla on their hands in a much smaller package. I only wish they'd kept under the bonnet clear of clutter and provided additional storage there, like Tesla do.
yes, rightly said, Tesla are not ahead on tech, but on the overall package which has performance and range.
That is their strong point.

If there was another car with range and some performance for £20,000 less, i would have it today
True and accurate.

Why put up with a 24kWh leaf, and have a second car for a longer journey
When it can all be answered with one vehicle.

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