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When will used Nissan LEAF reach sub £5k?

no mention of battery lease, must assume it has one. but sub 5K... just

Another sub 5k leaf, with battery lease.

The real deal is finding one at this price with a genuinely owned battery.

Good finds Ryan, I think battery leasing needs to be made clearer, perhaps the sellers aren't aware of it?
Yes, it is the leasing of the battery which is the biggest worry, as a second hand car.

I really would like it all out right. I dont have a good reason for this other than it is how i have done it for all cars I have every bought! I can't imagine leasing a fuel tank would be a popular proposition in an ICE.

The prices are steadily coming down, will they get to a point where people see the good value they are and then drive prices back up due to demand?

off topic: Could you hand back the battery but keep the car, then buy a crashed leaf and transfer the battery over?


how would this work in the real world?
According to new AA figures, there are now more EVs on the used market than ever before (no surprise as there has been more sold). https://www.zap-map.com/huge-increase-in...available/

Off topic 1. I think demand could play a part in pricing levelling off, but it'd be rare for them to go back up until the Leaf has classic status - which it will! I foresee quite a big classic EV market looming as Leafs get to 20-years old and there are plenty of other EVs about by then.

Off topic 2: An interesting idea and yes, in theory, you could. Renault Twizy owners have had a bit of a standoff with Renault's leasing firm on this basis and in most instances the lease firm has gone quiet with the Twizy owner wanting some closure. It can be a catch 22 situation as you own the car, but they own the battery. The car has to be moved/entered for them to get the battery and likewise you're not supposed to touch the battery as its not yours. I believe at least one Twizy owner has managed to get the lease company to take the battery out and they've installed their own.
so i should buy 6 leafs. and hold 'em like poker
Definitely! I'm certain there'll be a prestige to driving a classic Leaf when the time comes. "That was the one that set it all off", they'll say to their kids as they waft past, glaring out the window from their autonomous electric car.
I think people need to bought good quality. They can see the quality the product not cheap Nissan LEAF (inc battery) they must bought best quality in the best price not so cheap and not so expensive.
yeah it is a tough balance to strike, getting quality and price to match.

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