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Paddock Scooter
The time has come to finally put up a thread about building an electric paddock scooter.

This thread should help keep me at it and make sure it is build in a reasonable time.

The Plan v0.1
Convert from 48v Lead acid to 48v Lithium Ion
Quick release body work
Custom wiring loom
Restyle the design to freshen it up.

Let the games begin.
Great stuff Ryan, I look forward to seeing how you get on. Any photos of what it looks like currently?
I'll have to dig out my photos and post some up this week.

I have just been looking at the limited number of weeks left in the year.
I think I can get it build by then, well that's my aim.
Big Grin 
How's the scooter going Ryan? That's one very long week! Big Grin
it really is, but in that week, I've built a shed, sourced a controller and thought about finding some pictures.

I will really have to do it now. Smile
Also in that week our car could not take any more abuse, so we had to put all the effort and money into finding another car from which we're now trying to get rid of.

What a week!
So I have dug out a picture of the scooter when it was accompanied by a razor sport 24v scooter (Red)

[Image: b5rjVa7.jpg]

The bike has been since been strippped to the rolling frame.

The wrokshop is coming along so the build should be in full swing shortly
Wiring loom parts ordered yesterday.

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