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Hello Everyone - SameraAzam - 18-10-2016

Hello Friends,

I am SameraAzam From Canada. I am 20 years old. I am student of BSC (Hons) of Psychology. I like to play watch Cricket. Also i enjoy to driving car. I also interested on Car and Automotive parts cause my dad have automotive shop in our area. I think i will get help from this forum.

Thank you all guys

RE: Hello Everyone - RyanD - 20-10-2016

Welcome along

RE: Hello Everyone - SameraAzam - 24-10-2016

Thank you @Ryand for welcome me on this forum. I see maximum are not welcome me. By the help me if i get any problem about automotive and car related.

RE: Hello Everyone - jonmusk - 24-10-2016

Hi SameraAzam and welcome to the forum, hopefully we'll be able to answer all your questions!