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Full Version: Custom coachwork on Tesla drivetrain
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An idea sparked from a test drive and dream Ev.

I've seen the tesla custom limo.

has anyone come across a tesla based custom ev?

I'd be keen to take a Tesla model S powertrain and add a estate car body on top.

Until mainstream manufactures do it, it looks like to best ev option, although really expensive.
Isn't a Model X basically a Model S estate?! Hehe.

I can't wait until VW begin making cars like the Passat EV, or in other words an average estate for the everyman. Not come across any other custom Model S like you're looking for.

Ignoring the fact you can swap out a Model S battery, wait 10-20 years for their second hand price to go rock bottom and then do it! presumably that way you'll still have access to Superchargers and be able to build the car of your dreams :-)