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Full Version: Future Formula E Designs
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These are the latest renderings from Mahindra in collaboration with Pininfarina. Pretty awesome! Which do you think is the best and why?
[attachment=8] [attachment=9] [attachment=10] [attachment=11] [attachment=12]
Wow that looks sick!!!

I personally prefer the third version (C and C1) , I like the aero package on it.
So many concepts, so little development.
They're interesting concepts for sure and I think the main intention is to get people talking, a bit like the renderings of the forthcoming autonomour car race that will accompany Formula E. See more info at the link below:
Yes why little development.
Hi Webstha,

I think the development is stifled by over regulation and pandering to the traditional, ( fans, looks, )

I really want something new, someone to really push.

Formula e has regulations which permit only certain systems to be developed by the teams, unfortunately we don't get to see these systems, so as a fan we really don't get the feel of the technology pushing through.

It is a hard balance to strike
Thanks RyanD for answering.