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Full Version: Electric Drag Racing
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Have many of you experienced electric drag racing?

200 mph from an Ev in 1/4 Mile!
(12-04-2016, 08:24 AM)RyanD Wrote: [ -> ]Have many of you experienced electric drag racing?

200 mph from an Ev in 1/4 Mile!

It's amazing just how much early torque electric motors provide, perfect for drag racing. Interviewed Jonny Smith about his Enfield Electric car that he restored into a road-legal dragster and that was impressive. He took me out in it on the public road and it was a raw experience, a bit like other racing cars. All the noises of the limited slip diff and road noise from the wide tyres - very evocative and reminded me of classic racing cars I'm lucky enough to have been in.

You've neglected to mention your involvement with Fast Charge!

I've seen the Flux capacitor and really like the way it has been done. Ive had the pleasure of meeting the owner, but I'm sure if I hang out at Santa pod I will.

Yes, I'm involved ith Fast Charge, a World record attempt with an EV drag bike.
I can give more details if there's interest.
We hope to do the 1/4 Mile in 6 or 7 seconds.

The electric fox dragster has made its maiden runs! in the forst 3 runs they broke 7 seconds, with a 6.9 over the 1/4 mile!

The car was built by Drive eo , the winners of the 2015 PPIHC with an electric car!

Check it out here
Amazing! Drive eo are an incredible bunch of pioneers.
The Electric Fox has set a new European EV dragster record, and is only 0.4s away from the world record!!!
Wow, impressive stuff! It sounds NUTS, like some sort of Star Wars sound effect!
It sounds really weird, and the acceleration is insane!
I hope I can pay a visit and see this beast when in Latvia next time Smile
I have experienced it and its awesome.